Monday, September 26, 2016

Cadette Book Artist

Our two Cadettes got to partake in a Book Artist workshop done at the Topeka library with other troops from the area.  The girls worked with Betsy Roe and Brea Black from the library and learned about how books are assembled, binding of different books and created their own book covers using a marbling affect on card stock paper.

One book style that the girls learned is called accordion fold.  This is where you fold paper like an accordion and slip the ends together to expand the book.  You are able to write, draw on any of the "pages" front and back to tell your story.  These are usually a small booklet, for small pictures or short phrases.
The girls learned how to do two different bindings for booklets.One is the Pamphlet stitched which works well for books with just a few pages.  This is an alternative to stapling in the middle when pages are folded in half.

The other style is simple Japanese stab binding.  This is where you can stack different types of paper; ie textured, colored, different weights of paper; that are stacked on top of each other cut the same size.

The girls learned a lot about what goes into binding different books.  It will be interesting to see if they use one of these bindings for a project in school.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


This Saturday our Daisy leaders and their Girl Scouts put together a great Bonfire here at Christ the King School.  The girls were split up into 3 groups and did some crafts, team building exercises and finally made some yummy S'mores!  

The craft that the girls made were indoor camp fires. They took tissue paper and glued them to the outside of a plastic cup.  For the wood of the "fire" they used brown construction paper cut into strips.  Placing a battery operated tealight inside the cup created their "fire".  Of course you can't have a fire and not be able to roast marshmallows, so using a craft stick and cotton ball, they created their final element to their campfire!  

One of the team building exercises the Girl Scouts did was linking hands with others randomly around a circle.  They then had to work together to unwind from their pretzel.  Having girls climbing over each other, twisting backwards, dunking under another set of linked arms, was truly a feat for all of them.  The giggles that came from them, well you can imagine how funny that was!

Finally able to enjoy some real S'mores!  You can't have a campfire and not have S'mores.  Girls enjoyed the gooey roasted marshmallows, melted chocolate and crunchy graham crackers while relaxing on the school grounds and warm sun.  Thankfully God gave us such nice weather.