Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cookie Construction

For nearly 6 months, Cadettes, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts got together with some Architecture mentor to come up with a concept and design for this years Cookie Construction competition.  This years theme is, “We are Girl Scouts, We are Innovators”.

What is Cookie Construction?  Glad you asked!  Girls meet with 3 mentors who help walk them through the steps of constructing a design that they come up with.  Each structure is made purely out of cookie boxes that come from the box manufacture.  Girls are allowed to use tape, but it can not be visible.  Each team is judged on how well they stick to the theme.

Girls from Topeka, Lawrence and Leavenworth Girl Scouts made up the TL²  team.  We have one Girl Scout, Samantha Augustine, from Christ the King helping out!
Our project represents a house where Girl Scouts can design and invent freely. We decided to build a house because a lot of space and millions of innovations are found in homes. We decided to include some notable inventions, such as the light-bulb, the spectacles and the microscope. We poured all of our creativity into our thinking caps and developed some inventions that could be made in the future – for instance, a cookie spitter and badge designer. Our building structure consists of three floors with a loft on the third floor. We wanted to section off part of the house and commit it to just making innovations, so that is where we came up with the idea for an innovation lab as the loft. We are using ladders to get from level to level in our house, which are supported by the exterior walls and structural columns. The roof will be a rooftop garden which will have solar panels to provide power for Innovation Manor. This build means a lot to us as Girl Scouts so we have created a mural in the back of the house representing Girl Scout History and Juliette Gordon Low, the founder.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cookie Season!

Girl Scouts from Christ the King were taking cookie orders starting back on January 1st and out delivering and having cookie booths during February.  

A huge Thank You goes out to President Schambari and Athletic Director, Bobby Taul at Hayden for letting all of the Christ the King Girl Scouts sale cookies at their last two home basketball games! The girls did a great job and all of the basketball spectators had yummy cookies while watching games being played.  

All of the CTK Girl Scouts also sold cookies at Kelly Express on 10th and Wanamaker over the February weekends.  The girls also did their final booth sale after Masses here at church Feb. 25th and 26th.  Thank you to all of the parishioners who bought cookies from our troops!

Cookie season officially ends March 10th, so if you still need cookies we have plenty of Girl Scouts who can help you!