Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sk8 Away

SK8 Away
Girls from Troops 7006 and 7077 at Christ the King School spent the day celebrating the end to Christmas break by roller skating.  These girls have worked really hard this year and were rewarded with a skating party.  For some, this was the very first time they had skated and most of them had only skated a handful of times.  All of them did great and it was nice seeing the girls conquer their fear of skating and practicing their new skills. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Girl Scout Christmas Party

Girl Scouts singing Christmas carols at the Manor

The last day of school before Christmas break is always a fun one for the Girl Scouts at Christ the King school.  The girls have 1/2 day of school and then spend some time with each other having a Christmas party!  This year the Girl Scouts decorated Christmas cards for people at the Topeka VA hospital and then went across the street to sing Christmas carols at the Manor.  The Girl Scouts have a great time singing and sharing joy, they already looking forward to doing it again this year! 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Promise My Faith

On Saturday, Dec. 3rd, we worked on My Faith, My Promise badge. A sister from Leavenworth talked about the Three C's. They are considerate , caring , and courageous. You can't be one of the three C's without the other.  We made symbols of our faith out of clay . We also decorated lunch bags for Coritas Corner in Topeka. I believe we decorated close to a thousand.
It was a great experience and I enjoyed my day.

Sister Vicki, from Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, came to talk to the Girl Scouts of Christ the King.  She focused her talk about one of the lines from the Girl Scout Law, Considerate and Caring.  She explained that each and every girl brings something different to the group.  She used different colors of clay to demonstrate this.  By taking three different colors and folding them over each other, you get a marble effect.  This showed that sometimes when girls work together their different strengths are molded into what they are working on.  Each girl brings something to the project and by working together they can create a beautiful piece of work.  

Another activity that the girls did was decorate brown paper bags that will be used at Coritas Corner.  This is a place that it here in Topeka next to Let's Help and Catholic Charity.  The workers and volunteers put together a sack lunch for others in need.  The girls decorated bags that are used with Christmas praise, happy thoughts, and so many other positive pictures.  As the girls get older, they hope that they can help make sack lunches that will be passed out!  

 Considerate, caring and courageous....just three little words that have a huge impact on what Girl Scouts focus on!